1000 Gallon Oil Tank Removal

This homeowner was at a loss regarding what to do with this tank when he called us. Inside this home’s garage (and under this boat) is a 1000 gallon oil tank.

Due to the limited access it was decided to abandon this tank. We began by tarping off the area and adding ventilation to control the inevitable dust that would be created when we saw cut the cement.

After cutting the cement we then utilized a jackhammer to break up the cement. After the cement was removed we dug down just over 2 feet to the top of the oil tank. The top of the tank was cut off and our crew entered the tank to clean and inspect it.

A soil sample was collected underneath the oil tank by drilling a hole through the bottom of it. We field screened the soil to confirm no contamination was present then arranged for an inspection by the building department.

The following day we backfilled the tank after the inspection was completed by adding 10 tons of stone via wheelbarrow and then repaired the cement.