Oil Burner Tune Up Services

Oil Burner Tune Ups

Enviro Clean Oil Tank Services now offers oil burner tune up services. With the heating season rapidly approaching this is the perfect time to have your boiler serviced. Your heating system begins and ends with the oil burner.

To keep your system operating smoothly and at peak efficiency, it needs to be serviced annually.  Our annual tune up include:

Oil Burner Tune Up Services

Annual Burner Tune up & Efficiency Test

• Clean boiler or furnace flue
• Replace oil filter and gasket, fuel-pump strainer, burner nozzle
• Check fuel flow
• Adjust flame igniters as needed
• Test transformer and high-tension leads
• Inspect burner end cone
• Clean burner fan and air shutter
• Inspect burner pump coupling
• Test flame safety lockout
• Test high-temperature limit safety
• Test low-water cutoff (steam system only)
• Drain expansion tank if necessary
• Test service switch operation
• Inspect belts and air filter (warm air system) Replace as needed
• Brush and vacuum boiler or furnace

Annual Oil Burner Tune Up Services and Efficiency Test

Parts Replacement

Listed below are some of the parts we can replace, at an additional cost, if required:

• burner motor
• burner transformer
• burner fan
• burner coupling
• burner switch
• burner electrodes
• burner nozzle
• burner fuel pump
• safety thermal switch
• safety thermal oil

• burner fuel-pump strainer
• fuel filter
• electrode assembly
• ignition leads and clips
• turbulator
• primary relay
• air filters
• blower belt
• blower motor

• cadmium cell
• fan and limit control
• standard aquastat
• standard thermostat T87
• burner tube
• burner end cone
• solenoid valve
• boiler gauge glass
• indicator P/T gauge